Every two years, the ENS YGN organizes a conference dedicated to students and young professionals of the nuclear sector, ENYGF. The event gathers between 200 and 400 participants from Europe and abroad. The audience, mostly young professionals, is rather different from traditional conferences; it therefore offers unique possibilities for networking and sharing expertise and experience in a relaxed and informal way. The latest editions took place in Sweden (Stockholm, 2013), France (Paris, 2015), UK (Manchester, 2017).

The 2019 edition will take place in Ghent Belgium. Together the Belgian Nuclear Society (BNS-YG) and the Netherlands Nuclear Society (Dutch Young Generation, DYG) will organize the 2019 edition of ENYGF.

Within the combined BNS and NNS networks, we have the knowledge, the enthusiasm, the work force and the financial capability to be the next host for ENYGF.

Theme of conference:

The conference will cover both ‘classical’ and ‘less classical’ applications of nuclear – at least as we often perceive it in Europe. These ‘less classical’ aspects are indeed crucial for the advance of life standards, in Europe in the one hand, but then especially in developing countries. These advances will go through better access to energy, alimentation – purification of water and food conservation –, improved land and agricultural practices, disease control and the further development of diagnostics and therapy in the medical sector, in particular for what concerns cancer treatment. In all field, nuclear applications might play a decisive role!

The conference focuses on the role of nuclear for social and economic development, in particular in the medical field. Considering the wide range of expertise in the Belgian and Dutch nuclear sectors. We have the competences, the drive and the people to make it a great conference!